Commentary, The Long Retreat No. 68

The promised double-length update.

Last night, in doing some Skypirates research, I discovered that the David Rumsey Historical Maps Collection (absolutely worth a visit, if you’re a maps nerd like me) releases its maps under CC-NC-BY-SA, which in an acronym-salad sort of way means that I can do this: here are all of the maps I’ve collected so far for Skypirates. They cover a reasonably large part of the surface of the earth, with better coverage in a few places: locales where Cannon stories have been set or will be set (Egypt, Anatolia, Indonesia, Paris, Panama), and Cannon’s usual stomping grounds (Southeast Asia, the East Indies, Australia, Hawaii, San Francisco, and Los Angeles—or Hollywood, in-universe).

You’re welcome to peruse them, or use them for your own purposes, provided that you follow the terms of the CC-NC-BY-SA license.

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