Welcome to the Many Words archives. Below is a list of all the serial fiction, and all the non-serial fiction or non-fiction serials I’ve produced. There are navigation links at the bottom of individual posts in each story.

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Nathaniel Cannon
… is an alternate-history 1920s adventurer-archaeologist hero in the same vein as Nathan Zachary or Indiana Jones. It’s partially an excuse to collect scans of old maps, partially a salve for the tragic dearth of Crimson Skies PC games since the first one, and partially an exercise in writing distinctive characters and vivid descriptions, but it’s all good old-fashioned pulp fun.

Nathaniel Cannon and the Lost City of Pitu (Drafts) (Commentary)
Nathaniel Cannon and the Secret of the Dutchman’s Cross (Commentary)
Nathaniel Cannon and the Panamanian Idol (Commentary)
Nathaniel Cannon and the Hunt for the Majestic (Commentary)
Nathaniel Cannon and the Schneider Trophy

Nexus (Naval Arm)
… is a hardish science fiction universe. The Naval Arm stories are tales of war among the stars, between iron men in ships of a somewhat fancier metal.

We Sail Off To War (Drafts) (Commentary)

Nexus (Sam Hill)
… is a police consultant in the city of Nexus on the world of the same name, set in the above universe, who, with Amber Brighton, his contact in the Investigative Arm, solves some cases unique to the setting and some more timeless ones.

A Jump To Conclusions (Commentary)

Lagrältvärld Revisited
… is the fantasy universe below, revamped and tweaked to feel more Viking, with the aim of better capturing the low-fantasy magic feel I was aiming for in the first place. The two stories below are posted in chronological order. The Continuing Adventures of Sif will make a lot more sense if you read her debut in The Long Retreat first.

The Long Retreat (Commentary)
The Continuing Adventures of Sif (Commentary)

… is a fantasy universe I haven’t done justice to (the present feel is insufficiently Viking), but it’s still posted here to give you something to do once you finish the other material here, stories that I think are all-around better. I’ve grouped the chapters into parts; the chapters in each part were originally posted interleaved.

– Part I
Chapter I – Three Arrivals (Commentary)

– Part II
Chapter II – A Voice Beyond Her Years (Commentary)
Chapter III – The Nighttime Visitor (Commentary)
Chapter IV – Never Alone (Commentary)

A Command Ops Christmas Special – Bastogne
I wrote this in late December, 2012. It’s a retelling of Charles MacDonald’s account of the siege of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, along with a playthrough of a Bastogne scenario in computer wargame Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge.

A Command Ops Christmas Special

A Command Ops Christmas Special – Bütgenbach
2013’s Command Ops Christmas Special. As a counterpoint to Bastogne, on the southern flank, I wrote about a battle on the northern flank, where the American defense proved much stouter.

We Fight and Die Here

Command Ops Christmas III – Breaking Fortress Holland
A third Command Ops Christmas Special. This time around, I went for audience participation. Forum users at Bay12 and commenters here (not that there are many commenters here) voted on what I ought to be doing.

Breaking Fortress Holland

…is where I stash bits of writing that don’t warrant a full-on home yet.

Miscellaneous (Commentary)

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