Welcome to Many Words Press. We are me, Jay Slater, an author and software engineer, and my compatriot parvusimperator, a friend, fellow writer, and technologist. We are committed to bringing you gripping serialized fiction and thought-provoking commentary on a weekly basis. Please pop by the archives and the Fish Bowl and have a look through our past work. Thanks for stopping in.

Hey there. I’m Jay (‘Fishbreath’ isn’t a long story, but it’s more mysterious if I don’t tell it), and the fiction you see here at Many Words Main is primarily mine. Please bear in mind that most of what I post here is draft-quality; I’m constantly revising, and the e-books are improved and polished versions of these stories. You can find a list of my released fiction at the ‘Books’ link in the header.

I have occasionally claimed to update on Tuesdays and Fridays, and of late, I’ve been pretty good about that.

You can get in touch with me at jay@manywords.press.

I’m listed on Web Fiction Guide, which is what it sounds like, and Muses’ Success, which is also what Web Fiction Guide sounds like. We egotistical author types crave page views, so I suspect the other folks listed there would appreciate your consideration too.

…the Soapbox
The Soapbox, formerly known as the Fish Bowl, was originally founded to hold my ramblings about topics that don’t bear directly on writing. Since then, parvusimperator has taken over day-to-day operational command there. Under his direction as editor and main contributor, it primarily houses commentary on defense and geopolitical affairs, with my occasional contribution on the same subject, along with my game reviews, software project updates, and our irregularly-scheduled monthly podcast, Crossbox.

…the Softworks
Many Words Softworks is the home of all of the software development done under the Many Words umbrella. Visit the site for more information.

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