Midweek update

Or slightly after midweek, but whatever.

The excitement of the go tournament behind us, I thought I’d provide a quick update as to what’s going on around the Many Words network, and what you can expect here over the next few weeks.

First off, at the Soapbox (link up top), parvusimperator is back to his more regular content schedule, and my contributions there will also return to their regular, irregular schedule.

At Softworks, I’ve released the first cut at OpenTafl v0.2b, which adds external engine support. The tournament (again, head to the Soapbox for details) is attracting a good deal of interest from various quarters, although it hasn’t attracted any solid entry besides my own, and occasional contributor Shenmage’s hopeful neural network evaluator. I hope that changes in the not-too-distant future.

As for this site, expect a double- or maybe triple-length story update tomorrow, as penance for the schedule slippage, and regular updates for the next few weeks to wrap up this story. At the same time, I’ll be aiming to finish the final editing pass on We Sail Off To War, and get the e-book versions up for sale, along with the extra back material. News on that as it happens.

Thanks for bearing with us during a busy time and an AI milestone. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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