Some past stories are available for sale in e-book form from Amazon, Barnes and Noble1, Apple iBooks, Smashwords, and most of your other favorite e-book retailers. Hit one of those links to find everything I’ve written at your retailer of choice, or click on a cover below to find purchase links for each individual book.

We Sail Off To WarNathaniel Cannon and the Lost City of Pitu

Other publications
You can find some of my flash fiction and micro-fiction (since reproduced here) in the now-defunct Theseus Publishing Online Magazine.

Why should I buy stories I can read for free?
I can think of at least three reasons. First, by paying for one of my past stories, you support future stories you can read for free. Second, the stories here are draft-quality, and after I publish the definitive, e-book version, the original draft and its associated commentary is interesting more as a piece of history. As such, drafts of and commentary on published stories are only available to patrons (see Patreon link in sidebar). The final products are always going to be significantly better, more polished stories. Third, and finally, each e-book will contain a little piece of never-before-seen bonus material, which will remain an e-book (and print edition, if I print them) exclusive until the end of time. Or at least the end of copyright.

Which store pays you the best?
Smashwords does better than either of the others by a significant margin, but if you can’t do Smashwords, everyone else is more or less the same. Do what’s easiest for you.

When will story X be available as an e-book?
Thank you for your interest! Editing is complicated work, and sometimes leads to the dreaded rewrite, so I can’t generally say when something is going to be released until I’ve been through it with the red pen at least once. Given that e-book sales are how I make my money, I try not to leave any story finished and unpublished for all that long, though, so assuming you’re asking about a story I’ve finished, it shouldn’t be too terribly long.

  1. Sadly, I am not the Jay Slater who wrote the one about Italian zombie movies, the one about a century of war movies, or the Twilight Zone tie-in novel. He sounds cool, though. Buy his stuff, too.

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