Monday update

Happy Monday, readers. I’m off from work today, thanks to a long working Friday, so I’ve been powering through a few things. Unfortunately, Breaking Fortress Holland’s save broke sometime before midnight, Day 3, so for the next iteration, at the end of summer, we’ll be starting ‘clean slate’, as though we’d ended in a draw.

Over the past few days, my Hitbox channel and my Youtube channel have featured some flight sim videos, which include my actual voice giving occasional commentary, as opposed to the Youtube annotations I’ve been doing. See the incompetent flying! Hear the author use his words aloud, and feel better about your own public-speaking prowess! (You also get to hear Parvusimperator shoot the breeze with me, every now and again.)

This afternoon, I’m spending some time typing up The Long Retreat updates, so as to be prepared through the end of the week. I have a roadmap to the end of the story, so it’s a simple (heh) matter of actually doing the writing.

Finally, there’s a new tafl post on the Fish Bowl, on the basics of AI.

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