Command Ops – Breaking Fortress Holland – Disaster Strikes!

I’m very sorry to report that I’ve run into a critical issue with my saved game in Breaking Fortress Holland—the game crashes when I try to progress past about 0200, Day 3.

Where does that leave us? Well, not in the best of places, I’ll freely admit. Whatever happens, I’ll have to ditch the current update. It’s possible that the combination of conditions causing the crash snuck into my save file after 0000, so next weekend, I’m going to try going back to midnight and running through the save game again from there. If I miss the crash, I’ll have an update for you then. If not, well, I guess that brings this chapter of Breaking Fortress Holland to a close.

Do not despair, though. A third chapter remains. Breaking Fortress Holland will continue, with or without a satisfactory result to this scenario, in roughly August of this year, with the final, and biggest, scenario in Tukker’s pack.

In longer-term wargame-related plans, expect something big (I would go so far as to say epic) in December.

I plan on using this week to put in a few more hours on The Long Retreat. Whether or not I get a successful resolution to this scenario, expect a return to story updates on April 7th.

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