Breaking Fortress Holland voting update (plus other stuff)

Here are the current vote totals, with course of action on the left and bridging unit strategy on the right.

Guderian – 0/0
von Rundstedt – 3/4
Paulus – 1/0

It’s looking like von Rundstedt again. Get your votes in before 8:00 a.m. Central time tomorrow, and expect the update this weekend.

In other news, Parvusimperator is maintaining his pace over at the Fish Bowl. Have a look at his piece about small-caliber high-velocity battle rifle cartridges, and expect, in the next week or two, my unsurprisingly contrarian take.

In other other news, I’ve done a little bit of housekeeping with respect to the navigation menu. The Blather category here is largely redundant now, given The Fish Bowl’s increasing prominence as a place for commentary on every topic. In the future, Blather here will solely contain these sorts of updates—website news, schedule information, and the like. Longer-form thoughts on writing and all other topics will live at The Fish Bowl, and, as such, it now has prominent placement on the menu bar. See you over there.

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