Command Ops – Breaking Fortress Holland No. 8

After a three-way tie twice (first at 1 vote each, then at 2), my designated tiebreaker, mad with power, calls it for von Rundstedt.


The von Rundstedt plan hinges on a relatively quick penetration across the bridge. We’ll use one of the 20mm flak detachments for extra firepower, and probably attach it to I/33 Panzer Regiment to force our way across town.


We’re across at Den Bosch, and beginning to secure the area. SS Deutchland’s reconnaissance company heads south to snag a seemingly-unguarded objective. Some free points can’t hurt.


Attacking into Den Bosch will help to seal the French into the corridor between the Dungen bridge and Den Bosch proper on the northwest and southeast sides, and between the canals to the northeast and southwest.

We’ve lost the Dungen bridge objective, which means that the Allies are coming.


The Den Bosch bridgehead and the Dungen bridgehead are both looking rather precarious at this point, but we should be able to hold on, given what I can see at this point.


I/33 Panzer Regiment went ahead and planned an attack without asking me. I unticked the ‘attacks’ option in their move order. Once they’re more or less in position, I’ll order the attack personally. We’re still in contact with the Dutch and French in a lot of places, and progress remains slow.

This screenshot has the 1km grid enabled, so you can get a better sense for the scale.


The French are attacking the Dungen crossing in force, which, granted, is what I wanted them to do.


33 Panzer Regiment gets some extra attachments, including a 37mm flak detachment and an anti-tank detachment, and receives its orders to attack into Den Bosch.

Worringly, the French have now shown up south of Den Bosch. Either they’re much more spread out than they were at dusk, or there are more of them than I thought.

Everything happens so much slower at night. I/9 Aufklärungs-Regiment is doing pretty well for itself against a superior French force at Dungen. Gruppe Apell is moving into defensive positions. I/33 Panzer Regiment is still preparing its attack.


5:00 a.m. means dawn. Gruppe Apell and I/33 Panzer Regiment are in position across the river, while the 9 Panzer Division HQ moves to hold the friendly side of the bridgehead with a 2cm flak detachment. We have a huge reinforcement drop coming in half an hour.


The French seriously bit on our feint. Time to rouse the artillery boys and get them firing in support.


I/SS Deutschland battle plan

10 Schützen Regiment battle plan

10 Schützen Regiment (motorized infantry) and I Battalion of the SS ‘Deutschland’ Regiment have arrived. 10 Schützen Regiment is going to hit the French at Dungen and hopefully remove them from play, while the I/Deutschland is going to open up the hole at the Den Bosch bridge.

In five hours, we’ll have another two battalions of SS troops to send through the breach. My aim is to be able to send the entire SS ‘Deutschland’ Regiment through the gap we’ve smashed into the lines as soon as the rest of it is here.


The sun peeks over the horizon, to reveal German soldiers marching through the Dutch countryside.

In the south, SS Deutschland’s reconnaissance company has gotten itself into some trouble, but will shortly extricate itself and find a better route to the south objective.


The magnitude of my French problem is becoming apparent.

10 Schützen Regiment’s attack begins. Two bridging units arrive, with accompanying motorized pioneer companies. We’ll decide what to do with them as part of the next vote.


The second round comes to a close, with the situation muddy at Den Bosch and looking more favorable at Dungen.

At Den Bosch, we have three main forces:
1. Gruppe Apell, a motorized infantry battalion plus some support elements, currently without orders.
2. I/33 Panzer Regiment, a tank battalion plus some support elements, currently attacking Den Bosch.
3. I/SS Deutschland Regiment, a motorized infantry battalion, attacking south to enlarge our bridgehead.

Time for some voting. We have two things to concern ourselves with this time.

General course of action
Guderian – Open a new front. The 10th Schützen Regiment will proceed southwest after crossing at Dungen, moving through Stokhoek and Vught before crossing the canal at Cromvoirt and heading for the Rotterdam road. Future reinforcements will be held in reserve until a gap is opened, then push west.

von Rundstedt – Continue as planned. The 10th Schützen Regiment will attack across the Dungen bridge and form a southern pincer against the defenders of Den Bosch. Divide reinforcements evenly between Den Bosch and Dungen.

Paulus – Shift the center to the Dungen crossing. The Den Bosch force will hold. Future reinforcements will be directed to exploit the Dungen crossing.

Guderian – Move the bridging units forward. Build a second bridge at Den Bosch to reduce traffic problems. Hold the second in reserve to support the leading edge of our attack.

von Rundstedt – We have sufficient bridges as it stands. Hold the bridging units in reserve, and attach the motorized pioneer companies to line units.

Paulus – The best place for bridgebuilding is not yet clear. Hold the engineers in reserve until an opportunity presents itself.

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