Weekend update

So brings to an end this front-page contribution from John Brimlow, a.k.a. parvusimperator, a.k.a. my collaborator in building the skypirates universe. We’ve each taken a zeppelin crewed by criminals and malcontents of a variety of types, and in planning and writing stories around our zeppelin, we’re building out the detail of the world. It’s exciting stuff. It’s now probably the most-detailed universe in which I write, ahead of Nexus/the Confederacy/war in space. That’s detailed by dint of being long-running, but only in a few specific places I’ve needed so far.

Speaking of Nexus, I finished my first editing pass of We Sail Off To War, and today I’m sending it out to a few test-readers for their feedback on pace and tone. The e-book edition is more nearly done than it’s been since I wrapped up writing on the story, uh, almost a year ago, I guess. Besides a few moments during which I thought, “Did I really think that was okay when I wrote it?” the editing process has gone well so far.

Paging through my writing notebook, I see that I’m now about two weeks ahead on Nathaniel Cannon and the Secret of the Dutchman’s Cross, which is reason for self-congratulation. It’ll start posting on Tuesday, and I’m excited for it.

Alas, I have household chores to do today, and so my gabble about the other things I’m doing/have planned will have to wait for later.

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