Know Your Pirate Zeppelins No. 2 – Inconstant


Manufacturer: Société Provençale de Constructions Aéronautiques, Marseilles
Type: custom-built privateer
Engines: Eight Peugeot V12 blaugas engines, internal mounts, 1,150hp each
-four low starboard pusher propellers, staggered
-four low port pusher propellers, staggered

Bow chaser: 3-inch class flak gun (Canon de 75 mm contre-aéroplanes modèle 1917)
Main battery: 12x 3-inch class flak guns (Canon de 75 mm contre-aéroplanes modèle 1917)
Dorsal turrets: 6x Browning M2 .50-cal. MGs
Propeller strut turrets: 8x Fabrique National d’Herstal Mitrailleuse aérienne modèle 1924 18mm MGs
Stern chaser: Aerial minelayer, unknown type

Air wing:
– 3 skyhooks
– 20-30 aircraft total
– 15-20 fighters, light and heavy types
– 4-6 bombers, single- and twin-engine
– 1-2 transports, twin-engine

Design Notes:
Inconstant was originally designed and built in 1925 for privateer and pirate hunter Gustave de la Salle as Le Chevalier. While she was undergoing final fitting-out in French Indochina in early 1926, the Bloody Flag pirate gang arranged to steal her. Air pirate Nathaniel Cannon, then a member of the Bloody Flag, bribed the skeleton crew aboard Le Chevalier, and, while the Bloody Flag gang was engaged with French air defenses, escaped with the zeppelin.

Inconstant was a forward-looking design in 1925, and carries a large and capable air wing for her size even by today’s standards. She possesses limited launch and recovery gear, and cannot rapidly deploy her air wing if surprised. She is triple-keeled, and can evade pursuit through moderate storms and squalls.

She may be identified by the insignia upon her empennage: two muzzle-loading cannon on naval carriages, one above the other, pointing forward. This insignia may be modified or covered. If so, identification may be made by count of gunports and anti-aircraft machine guns.

Crew Notes:
Inconstant is operated by air pirate Nathaniel Cannon. Believed to be among his crew are Emma Foster, wanted for murder in the British Empire, Choufeng Chuang, wanted for murder in the British Empire, and Iseabail Crannach, wanted in the British Empire for various acts constituting breaches of the King’s peace, including disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, sheep rustling, grand larceny, fraud, and arson.

None known. Inconstant operates primarily in the East Indies and South Pacific.

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Copyright 1928

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