Not-a-weekend-anymore open thread

As I sit here preparing stuff for publication here over the next two weeks, I bring you two videos from Youtube. First, a classic swing piece, because this is where my mind almost instantly goes when I’m writing in this universe:

Second, an awesome endeavor from two weekends ago:

Back to getting posts queued and proofread for the last time. If anyone out there is good1 with vector art and willing to work for really cheap (not necessarily free, but that’s certainly better for me!), I might have some cover design work for you for We Sail Off To War2. My email address is over on the About page (unless you’re reading this by RSS, in which case my email address is at the About page on Many Words).

1. Or really, just better than me.
2. It’s a novelette, not a short story! That means I can italicize!

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