Commentary, We Sail Off To War No. 15

In true movie trailer style, I wasn’t able to work the scene that inspired the story into the final version. I have a few things to remark on:

  • Reprisal was originally Vengeance. I don’t remember why I decided to change it, although on reflection, “Reprisal’s” flows better than “Vengeance’s”.
  • Winston didn’t factor into the story at this point. Subensigns are handy viewpoint characters, because I can claim it’s a naval tradition that they’re supposed to ask about the obvious things.
  • Speaking of naval tradition, its trajectory in this universe has been ‘toward Nelsonian’. Weatherby calls one of his lieutenants ‘Lieutenant’ in this vignette, which he’d never do as things stand now (favoring Mr. instead). I’ve left myself enough room to make other ships feel different, though, thanks to my occasional reference to the ‘traditionalists’.”

Now for the big reveal: the next story posted at Many Words will be called, “Nathaniel Cannon and the Lost City of Pitu”. Speculate as you will (unless you’re one of the people who already knows what it’s going to be, a group that admittedly comprises the large majority of my readership).

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