Commentary, We Sail Off To War No. 14

There you have it: We Sail Off To War, the first story I’ve brought to a conclusion since 2006 or 2007 (I forget which; also the only year I finished NaNoWriMo). In the writers’ thread over at the Dwarf Fortress forums, I remarked that it’s a symptom1 of being a writer that you’re never fully satisfied with the things you produce. So it is with this— I’ve never been much good at injecting emotion into my writing, but I guess the only way you get better is to practice.

I don’t want to say too much, because I suspect that material will be handy for the future of this story. I plan to spend some time on ruthless editing and proper formatting, after which I’ll go the route of many mediocre small-time writers before me and self-publish an e-book version. I hope the editing and the longer, hopefully better-written afterword will be enough to convince you that it’s worth buying.

1. I stand by my word choice.

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  1. Fishbreath says:

    I’m fond of ‘Faustus’ as an unusual middle name. Also, I thought I did this well.

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