Commentary, We Sail Off To War No. 12

Surprise! We’re back. In fact, I have content for this week and the next almost entirely queued and ready to go. We Sail Off To War will conclude next Tuesday, and I have some bonus content for next Friday that is an hour or so of typing away from the queue.

Upcoming events: on Friday, I’ll reveal the nature of the bonus content. Next Tuesday, I’ll reflect on the writing of We Sail Off To War. Next Friday, I’ll reveal the title of my next story, which I’m very excited to start on. I make no promises, but since it’s probably the best setting (created in collaboration with a friend of mine who can name himself in the comments if he wants credit by name) I’ve ever had the pleasure to write in, I do at least have some motivation to keep up a good pace.

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  1. Gabriel Schwartz says:

    sounds good to me

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