Migration mostly complete!

Hello, dear reader! There are great things afoot.

The first and most obvious is that the theme has changed to something still more minimalist than before. This is a consequence of the second: Many Words is now self-hosted via virtual private server, which is a fantastically cool technology. The second-and-a-half thing is that I’m now much more familiar with the workings of the Internet, and I figure that’s probably a good thing.

The third and best part of all of this is that I have a great deal more latitude in terms of organizational ability. There are some obvious changes already: the front page now has writing and writing only, and the category pages linked from the Archives page now go from oldest to newest and have first-sentence excerpts. I have some other ideas about navigation (such as splitting the part of the site where I babble into its own WordPress instance, maybe), post templates (where I give writing posts navigational links that skip blather), and some other things, but I’ve spent enough time on this for the moment— I’ll be writing in my Many Words time for the next few weeks, instead of hacking on WordPress.

There is one not-so-great thing afoot, too: your RSS feed links no longer work, which you may not discover for some time due to my irregular update pace.

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