Commentary, We Sail Off To War No. 8

Much like war in space, my writing takes forever to get anywhere. I do feel sort of bad about how my last period of regular updates ended in early December of last year. Really, I do.

Yes, you have met Hannah Welles before. Go back to No. 3.

Not long ago did Many Words’ one-year anniversary pass us by. So far I’ve put 40,000 words up here, which is the sum total of the recreational writing I’ve been able to generate since then. That represents a pace of about 100 words a day, which is not very impressive at all. I’d be pretty happy if I could get my pace back up to twice that.

If you’ll permit me an ugly segue, I plan to modify the way I post updates going forward. Of late (and particularly with We Sail Off To War) I’ve been putting up entries when I consider them done, which is to say that they might swell to (say) 1800 words before I put them up. It’s exhausting to keep that up week-to-week. What I’ll be doing in the future is trying to put up about 700 words twice a week, no matter how it divides entries. I’ll probably end up writing them in much larger chunks, which are the only things that will get titles. You’ll end up seeing something like this:

Random Chapter No. 1 – Random Title
Random Chapter No. 2
Random Chapter No. 3
Random Chapter No. 4 – Random Title

…for something that may have been compressed into two entries beforehand. This gives me a bit more freedom to tell stories the way I want to in a given chapter without overtaxing my already thinly-stretched free time.

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  1. Gabriel Schwartz says:

    Damn you and your cliffhanger. Keep up the good work.

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