Commentary, A Voice Beyond Her Years No. 10

Happy New Year, folks. I told you this one was short.

This is the end of what I might call the first season of Many Words; the board is set, and it’s time to get our pieces moving. Eirik gets his own chapter next time, but for Anja and Rakel I don’t have as much planned. I think they’ll end up sharing one, which I think I’m going to call First Impressions. As I’ve said many times before, I have something a little bit different planned for the upcoming few weeks. Once I get a little bit more of it written, you’ll get to experience some of my science fiction, a story of war and valor and all that jazz.

That could be a few weeks, though. I’m running a tabletop game in the spring, and since it’s a system I’m writing myself I kinda need to buckle down and get it closer to done. I’m not going to commit myself to any time in particular, being lazy like that, and will merely say that it shouldn’t be much past mid-January.

I’ll see you then.

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