Commentary, Never Alone No. 10

Chapter V of our story, entitled ‘Nightmares’!
Thrill, as Eirik, Brynjar, and Nissa discover the problems they are faced with!
Cheer, as progress is made toward the resolution of said problems!
Wonder, how your author can switch so quickly between obvious filler and tightly-paced excitement!
Stop reading, as he leans too far toward the first!
Tire, as he begins to abuse this gimmick!

Somewhat more seriously:
1. Every diviner is like that. Some just do it more infrequently.
2. I’m glad I’m currently several thousand miles from my readers, ‘cos that pun is going to take a while to fade from memory.
3. At this point I claim to be very roughly somewhere close to nearly almost one fifth of the way through this story. I base this not on how much story is left, but rather on the length I want; if I’m right many words will be defined as somewhere between 140,000 and 185,000; in standard speculative fiction paperback format that’s between 460 and 615 pages. My calculations in the margin of the page I wrote this on say that counting my breaks, I put about 1400 words a week online, leaving you between two and two and a half years. Good times, hopefully.
4. I’m tempted to move to a Tuesday/Friday update schedule permanently. It’s balanced a little bit better that way, and a little bit easier on me. I hesitate to ask, but thoughts?

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