Weekend open thread

It’s a little bit late, but that’s kind of the pattern for this week, so I’ll roll with it.

This week’s game recommendation is AI War: Fleet Command, which is less a strategy game in the traditional sense than a puzzle. That is to say, it’s a game about strategy rather than clicking fast. I am currently engaged in a campaign to secure a very important part of the galactic south, from which I shall proceed to launch attacks against the east and eliminate one of my foes.

Of the current chapters, Eirik’s is now completely finished (you’re going to want to slap me when you read the last entry), Rakel’s is nearly there (the writing’s been easy because I think about robbing banks all the time), and Anja’s is where I left it at the end of the summer (hers won’t have quite as much excitement in the last two entries as I’d like, so I’ve kinda put them off). Your science fiction interlude is all planned out, but will require some actual writing before Christmas. Fortunately I still have time.

For now, ciao.

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