Weekend open thread

Here we are again: a weekend!

If my stats page is to be believed someone is going through the archives, unless it’s my regular playing a trick on me. Supposing you’re new here, I now address myself to you. Hello! I hope you’re enjoying yourself so far. According to my list-o-referrers, list-o-hits, and colander-like memory, you’re the first person who’s come from TVtropes and stayed around for more than one entry. That probably speaks pretty poorly of me[1], doesn’t it? Maybe I’ll move on to something else.

There isn’t all that much else to move on to. I’m reading through Kim Stanley Robinson’s epic[2] Red Mars now, and while it’s engaging, I feel like in some hypothetical world where I’m notable enough to talk to Mr. Robinson, we would get into a blazing row over politics and ecology[3], but I’m under no pretensions about either my notable or the general political bent of the Internet, so I won’t say any more about that.

Last night I sat down and wrote a few hundred words for the first time in a while. I’m gratified to say that there wasn’t as much rust to knock off as I’d been fearing. I’m on track to have everything done at the time it needs to be done; writing the last entry or two for each chapter shouldn’t take long. I was going to say why I feel that way, but I’m trying to avoid spoilering things in this space.

I guess that’s all for now.

[1] Self-deprecation!
[2] Noun here, not adjective.
[3] So far he’s proving to be a masterful writer of psychologically plausible characters, though, which is currently the main draw.

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