Weekend open thread

Dear readers, salve of my soul’s constant yearning for the adoration of millions, I bid you good evening.

There aren’t millions of you, and adoration is probably too strong a word (‘tepid ambivalence’ is both more redundant and more apt, I expect), but nobody’s perfect.

Again, it’s a weekend in which I don’t really have much to say; I’ve spent some of my evenings this week playing an alternate history scenario in Arsenal of Democracy. I have to say I’ve been enjoying it. Australasia (Australasia: Australia, New Guinea, Rabaul to Guadalcanal, New Zealand) is, even as we speak, preparing for its invasion of Indochina’s (Indochina: southern Indonesia, Vietnam, and points slightly west and north) island territories, utilizing its fleet of aircraft carriers and submarines to pin the main body of the Indochinese army on the mainland. I plan to replicate that strategy against the People’s Republic of the Rising Sun (Japan, Korea, lots and lots of Pacific islands) later on, once I have the industry of Indochina’s island territory to supplement my own. Nothing like good strategic planning to offset a smaller land army, I always say.

I don’t have much Many Words news, either. I’ve stalled a bit on writing, but on the other hand I have a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen over the next thirty or so entries. That makes the current stuff much less daunting to write. Work progresses on the science fiction story which I’ll be running to cover myself as I rebuild my buffer. So far it’s different stylistically. I hope to keep that through the whole thing; I find that much of the stuff I’ve written so far for Many Words overuses ‘had’, and forcing myself to write in a way I normally don’t is great for my awareness of such things.

Ooh, I just remembered: the number of spam comments has now eclipsed the number of good comments. I don’t mean to say that all four to eight of you should be saying more, though; I just thought it was interesting.

There are some crossword puzzles waiting for me. I’m going to stare futilely at them for an hour or so, then I’m going to write the end of an entry for Many Words. Until next time.

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