Commentary, The Sword and the Spear No. 1

Trying something new here. The Sword and the Spear is a story I wrote a year or two ago for an anthology. It wasn’t accepted, and it implies some viewpoints which probably preclude its acceptance at SF&F magazines in the modern day, so I figure it’s best put here.

Unlike most of my fiction, it’s already done, so assuming I get as far in setting up its run here as I expect, it’ll air twice a week from start to finish without interruption, over the course of a month or a month and a half. Enjoy!

And now some theme! Setting all of this up ahead of time means I don’t have to rush on Monday and Thursday nights to get the posts together, so I can go into a bit more detail. The Sword and the Spear takes place in the RPJ Sci-Fi universe, which I’ve grown more fond of the more time I spend with it. ‘Kraken’ is a human name for the alien species; the kraken themselves don’t see the resemblance, but gamely play along with it by choosing names from human mythology when they deal with humans.

The jump ship Aggressor mentioned above is the one which belongs to parvusimperator, who you may remember from the Soapbox.

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