Commentary, The Continuing Adventures of Sif No. 32

Scheduling posts for mid-June already? Where has the year gone? Then again, May 15 feels like about a year ago already, so I guess it’s not so bad.

Magiska Akademier: the schools of magic, sometimes the Guilds. Most terms of interest to magiker in the Norrmannrike come in two versions: a Norrmanssprak term used officially and more formally, and an ælfish term used casually by magiker. The magical community is already effectively bilingual, since ælfish is much more suited to technical discussions of magic; this is just one more example. A luftsmagiker is the same as an aeromancer, weave-working is the same as magic.

Some exceptions include magiker, which is borrowed from the ælfish magic, and compounds with native Norrmanssprak affixes like luft- and so on (to form, for instance, luftsmagiker, a practitioner of luftsmagik). The official, native Norrmanssprak alternatives to magik and magiker are vridning and vridnare, twisting and twister, in reference to the action taken upon the weave. A luftsvridnare is an air-twister, which is a fun word, but difficult to use in the flow of the story without a lot of explanation. Which you get here.

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