Patreon Launches Today!

Yes, that’s right. Do you like the content you read here at Many Words and the Soapbox? Now you have a way to support it on an ongoing basis, and we’ve even cooked up some extras as a reward for your patronage.

Before we get to those, though, there’s the matter of the implied contract: if you’re to be our patrons, we owe you content. In the parvusimperator era, the Soapbox has been pretty good about that. Many Words hasn’t been. No more! As part of the Patreon launch, I’m aiming for 48 weeks of writing content per year.

Now, about those rewards.

First off, all patrons, no matter the amount, get access to the patron channel at the Many Words Press Discord server. There, you can rub elbows with us, in addition to your fellow patrons. All patrons also get exclusive access to the originally-posted drafts of since-published stories at Many Words Main.

Next up, the $5 tier. In addition to the above, you get access to special patron-only posts at Many Words and the Soapbox (which we’ll also put on the Patreon feed). At the Soapbox, you’ll get Deep Thoughts with Parvusimperator and sometimes Fishbreath: interesting facts which we can’t expand to a proper post. At Many Words, you’ll get a monthly exclusive piece of writing: either a vignette or a bit of setting or backstory I can’t fit into a story. Also, whenever I release an e-book while you’re a patron, you’ll get a free copy. Sign up before June 9th and I’ll send you the two I’ve released already.

Lastly, the $20 tier. You get all of the above, a special thank you on the website, and a podcast mention when you sign up. You also get a free copy of any print books I release while you’re a patron, as well as access to the full Many Words Press e-book catalog. Lastly, if there’s something you’d like us to write about at the Soapbox or talk about on the podcast, well, I can’t guarantee that we’ll actually do so, but we’ll certainly listen. We’re only human. Money talks.

What do we intend to do with your patronage? Good question.

First and foremost, we’ll pay for our web hosting expenses. $20 per month would cover it all—server, domain name, image hosting. (We consider the latter especially important for the Soapbox. A lot of the pictures parvusimperator posts are rare or hard to find, and by mirroring them we can pretty much guarantee they’ll be available for at least as long as we’re doing this.)

Once this has turned from a revenue-sink hobby into a revenue-neutral one, we have a few things in mind. At Many Words, we’ll be able to continue to hire cover designers for e-books and spend a bit on marketing, and hopefully make the fiction arm of Many Words Press self-supporting. At the Soapbox, our plans are a little more up in the air. We’d like to pay parvusimperator at some point, and we also have a few podcast studio items on the shopping list. Otherwise, what we can do depends on what we end up making, and we’ll have that discussion, both internally and with our patrons, when it becomes relevant.

Thanks for reading this far. If you like the sound of joining us as we go forward, click here and take a look at our Patreon.

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