WIPJoy Month: The Star-Studded Black

I’ve kind-of announced The Star-Studded Black on Twitter and Facebook, but it’s time to do so officially here, too.

The Star-Studded Black is a full-length novel due for release in 2018, a follow-on set in the same universe as my debut novella We Sail Off To War. It follows the exploits of war correspondent Lloyd Church and gunboat captain Aubrey Harper as they face off against the Exile Navy in a new theater of the Exile War. As my most important current work in progress, it’s currently taking part in WIPJoy, a month-long question-and-answer social media event in which I tell you a little about it.

You can find more information on my Twitter or Facebook pages (see the links in the sidebar). Alternately, starting on Friday, I’ll be reproducing my WIPJoy answers here on a weekly basis, so those of you who avoid social media can see them too.

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