Long weekend open thread

“I’ll take Before and After for 1200, Alex.”
“The days Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, often used as a blog post title to encourage comments on any topic.”

With that unfunny Jeopardy joke out of the way[1], thanks for reading so far, and I hope you’re enjoying it. We come now to that most irritating of web serial media events, the hiatus, which (as I’ve mentioned for the past few weeks now) will last until September 2nd. Three Arrivals ended on page 49 of my notebook of many words[2], though, and now I’m on page 118, so there’s plenty more in the pipe. I still have to type all of it. Next week is going to be busy.

To avoid clutter, I’ll be using comments and/or edits to this post to keep you posted on how things are going. In other news, this is possibly the only time in the history of Many Words I will tell you to maybe hold off on telling your friends until updates start happening again. Otherwise I look bad.

It’s Tuesday the 17th of August, and I’ve written the first eight entries in the next three chapters. I’ve typed all of the ones from Anja’s chapter, which will be titled “A Voice Beyond Her Years”. Including it, Many Words totals 15,972 words. My goal is four entries a day, which has me done on Saturday. Considering I did five today, it shouldn’t be that bad.

It’s Thursday the 19th of August, and I’ve typed all the entries from Rakel’s chapter. It’s going to be called “The Nighttime Visitor”[3]. Including it, Many Words is now 22,476 words in length. On to Eirik’s chapter!

It’s Sunday the 22nd of August, and I’ve typed six of the entries from Eirik’s chapter. I’m currently working on getting the first eight entries into the database here. In other news, I am apparently incapable of drawing and correctly filling in a calendar; as I sat down to schedule the posts, I realized that, when I sketched out my calendar back in early July, I failed to schedule anything for the last weeks of September and October. My buffer is therefore, in a single stroke, reduced by two weeks. I guess I’ll just have to deal with it.

It’s a little bit later in the evening, and I’ve uploaded the first nine entries; if my plane crashes or something you’ll at least have them. Of course, none of them give any closure at all, so.

The archives page has been updated with sections for the next three chapters, and the name for Eirik’s is thus revealed: “Never Alone”[4]. I haven’t actually finished typing his yet; I hope to do so tomorrow.

It’s Monday the 30th of August, and I corrected a typo. My access to the Internet is going to be either sporadic or expensive for the next few months, so if you’d like your comments to show up right away, you should post ’em now so I can put you on the good list. Over the last night or two, I’ve written a bit in one of my sci-fi universes[5]; that might show up here eventually as a weekend open thread bonus. Remember, updates resume on Thursday. Mark your calendars.

It’s Wednesday the 1st of September, and this is the last update I’ll be putting in this post. Tomorrow Many Words returns; we embark together on the adventure that will be the next thirty or so entries and associated snarky and/or useless remarks. Tonight I looked over A Voice Beyond Her Years No. 1 in anticipation of it going live, and after changing it to my satisfaction, I put that aside and set up Google Apps for Many Words. You can now send me e-mail at jay@manywords.press (although if you’re one of the people I trust with one of the ones I read every day, you just can go on using that one). Until tomorrow!

[1] Self-deprecation!
[2] Title drop!
[3] At this point, you really have no excuse for not knowing what Eirik’s chapter is going to be called.
[4] If you’ve been paying attention at all you should already know this.
[5] I just reread The Mote In God’s Eye and The Gripping Hand, you see. I had no choice.

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