Summer Update

Happy summertime, northern hemisphere readers! The days are long, the evenings are warm, and your author is enjoying the annual march of the Pennsylvania jungle. I’ve also been busy with writing tasks, hence this Official News-style update.

Nathaniel Cannon and the Panamanian Idol

The serial running at the website has concluded, so if you were waiting for a full-length story, now’s the time to drop by. Next up, we return to the world of The Long Retreat for some ongoing story.

Summer Project Announcements

Stay tuned for news about two new book releases, as well as some news on OpenTafl. I’m very excited about the former, especially since one of them is a novel-length project, and also something I haven’t otherwise revealed.

The Crossbox Podcast Gets a Guest

On episode 19 of The Crossbox Podcast, John and I hosted Dave Williams of Jellyfish Games for a wonderful discussion about games, development, and the nature of personality.

As usual, serial updates run at the website Tuesdays and Fridays, and our commentary on whatever random stuff seems interesting to us can be found at the Soapbox link thereupon. Thanks for reading—both for reading this update, and for reading our content. We appreciate your patronage.

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