Many Words Press news: news is now more convenient

News from Many Words Press, formerly only available by visiting the ‘news only’ RSS feed, is now available in two new places: in the top menu, as befits its importance, and in brand-new direct-to-your-inbox form. You can use the ‘The Newsletter’ signup link to the right, or click here.

Please don’t be shy about signing up. I, too, find mailing lists which send something every day a little annoying. Fortunately, since I don’t have as much to sell as most mailing lists, Many Words won’t have a mailing list like that. We’ll only send you email when we have something to say: a new book is coming, a book has just been released, a book is on sale, your author is hosting an event somewhere. Tops, you can expect maybe twenty emails per year. I think that’s worth it to hear about the latest from your favorite independent author and publisher, right?

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