Weekend open thread

And so we make it through another week. Apparently I haven’t driven any readers away since last week, so I guess we can put that down in the good news column. Either my sole RSS subscriber has started to read each of my posts twice, or someone else has grabbed the feed, which is mildly encouraging—reading via RSS speaks strongly of either commitment or laziness, and I’ll just ignore the latter.

The upcoming week will see the last two entries in Three Arrivals posted, after which (as I’ve said before, but I will say again just to be sure you’re aware) there will be a four-week break while I get all my writing together. Updates will begin again on September 2nd and continue uninterrupted until the week before Christmas. Depending on what I get done through autumn, updates may continue uninterrupted after Christmas, too, but chances are I’ll need to take a week or two off from updates to rebuild my buffer again.

As usual, tell your friends.

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