WIPJoy Community Fun: Nathaniel Cannon and the Majestic Affair

Bethany Jennings, an author of young adult SF&F, does this thing called WIPJoy, where we authors talk about a work in progress over the course of September. Find other authors on social media using the hashtag #WIPJoy.

We’re wrapping up this week with community fun!

If you could choose any other work to mashup with your own, which would it be?
Obviously, it has to be the fine folks over at Decoder Ring Theatre. Their particular brand of pulpy radio drama would be a perfect fit for the Skypirates universe. Cannon and company in cahoots with Jack Justice or the Red Panda would make for fun reading. (Or listening, as the case may be.)

Shoutout to this work’s most encouraging fan!
I have a few names to name: my pal Rob, who plays tafl with me under the name Nasa (have a look at our annotated tafl game!), and who may be publishing some translated Old English literature here in the coming months. (Look for a formal announcement later.) My wife/editor gets a mention here, for her support (and red pen), and everyone else to whom I’ve sent pre-release stories for feedback, too.

Does your work in progress contain any inside jokes?
Only the usual references to Panama. I waffle on whether I’ll actually decide what happened there to any great level of detail.

Share a line that made someone feel FEELS
This one is hard: Skypirates stories to date have not had a lot of negative emotion in them. Maybe someday.

For things you can read today, my editor still hasn’t forgiven me for a certain crucial passage in my already-released e-book We Sail Off To War. You can find a link to buy that, at a reduced price of 99 cents this week only, behind the ‘books’ link on the page header.

Shoutout to writer friends who inspire you.
My dear wife, for one: the current better-than-average pace at which I find myself writing these days is due to her example.

What’s your work in progress about again? And what are your favorites elsewhere from WIPJoy?
Nathaniel Cannon and the Majestic Affair is a tale of daring and enterprise set in the skies over southeast Asia. Thrill, as our heroes, the Long Nines gang, face off against an old foe—and a new one they never saw coming.

As for my favorites, I’m sorry to say I haven’t been paying very close attention. Getting a story ready for magazine publication, as well as keeping up here, plus writing most of these posts on my Thursday (or Friday, as the case may be) lunch breaks means that I’ve had very little time to follow the rest of the community working on WIPJoy posts. That said, I just poked around at the synposes on Twitter from today’s question (the very last one), and I saw a bunch of fascinating ones. You should do the same: go have a look!

Finally, thanks to the regular readers here for your ongoing support, and to Bethany Jennings, the mind behind WIPJoy, for a nifty event. I’m looking forward to the next one!

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