Weekend update

It’s 2:00pm on April 23rd, and I have finished The Long Retreat! I’ll be typing it over the next few days, and running the concluding 3500 words or so over the next month or two.

In the interim, I’ll be working on We Sail Off To War: final edits for publication, e-book creation, and perhaps some sort of release date fun. That should be mid-to-late May.

Following that, I’ll be spending some time on a secret writing project, before kicking off the third Nathaniel Cannon story, which will premier after the end of The Long Retreat.

Following that, I want to revisit Sam Hill and Amber Brighton, detectives extraordinaire. Armed with the kenning of several more mysteries since the last one I wrote, as well as a much better understanding of forensic psychology and related fields and a much better mental idea of the structure of the Investigative Arm and the Upside dome in the City of Nexus, I think the new take on them ought to be better than the old.

Exciting times ahead. Watch this space for news about publication!

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