Weekend open thread

Well, that’s six weeks. Two more to go before the end of Three Arrivals and my get-things-done break between August 12th and September 2nd. I’m still a little bit behind, but I haven’t fallen any further back, thankfully. Attempting to get ahead has been good experience; I’ve learned that four a week is impossible for me to maintain, while two a week is really easy. That suggests three might be somewhere in between, and since I do eventually want to do three a week…

In other news, recall that Lägraltvärld is a setting for a tabletop roleplaying game[1] and you may or may not be intrigued to hear that I’m putting down some ideas for RPJ[2] Science Fiction, which are descended from some scribblings in one of my notebooks about ‘space Byzantines’.

Finally, I face a dilemma—the Internet guides to original fiction that I’ve seen all require better navigation than I am able to do with wordpress.com. It would be nice to be listed in more places for to attract more people to lavish me with attention[2], but that would take money for actual hosting, which I’m not willing to spend on all five or six of you[3]. You see my problem, I’m sure.

[1] Still unfinished.
[2] *cough*
[3] If there are even that many (tell your friends!).

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