Housekeeping update

“Where’s the story post, Fishbreath?” I hear you ask. “Haven’t you been talking about being better keeping to your schedule?”

Yes, I have, but I was busy last night making some domain name changes. No longer do you need to remember the stupid dash: we are now officially, and therefore technically Many Words Press. (Except we aren’t yet, because I’m a little slow off the mark when it comes to publishing stuff.)

Anyway, that’s the reason. All of your old links should still work, seamlessly redirecting you to the new one, and I plan on keeping the old domain name indefinitely, so don’t worry too much about losing track of us. Here’s to an interesting and productive 2016.

There are a few issues right now—the Jetpack plugin didn’t like the way I migrated, for one—so until that gets squared away, comments will be nonfunctional. Hopefully should be fixed soon.

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