Winter Wargaming update

You may have noticed that it’s a Tuesday, and there’s no story post. There are two reasons for this. For one, I have almost no backlog. For another, it’s Winter Wargaming season!

Now, I’d been planning on starting a long-term project—one of the most ambitious I’ve ever embarked on. Starting December 7th, I’d been intending to run a once-weekly real-time Pacific War AAR, using the 1992 Gary Grigsby classic, Pacific War. I discovered, however, that some enthusiasts (for a game nearly as old as me) are working on some further developments by patching the raw assembly. This is, for one, hardcore (as parvusimperator put it), and for another, likely to improve the experience for both you, dear reader, and me. As such, that project will start next year.

In its stead, we’ll be wrapping up Breaking Fortress Holland, with the final scenario in tukker’s excellent pack. As you may recall, if you’ve been following Many Words for more than a year, the last scenario failed to finish. I’m playing from an earlier save, and hopefully, I’ll make it through to give myself a result with which to tweak the reinforcement schedules. Expect an opening update this weekend.

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