Weekend open thread

[Mildly self-deprecating statement]. [Lamentation on audience size]. Tell your friends!

With the usual out of the way, I can move on to my usual random weekend babble. First off, Many Words progress: I’m getting behind on getting ahead, but it’s not an emergency yet. This is, after all, why I built an extra week into my schedule-o-writing, and if all else fails it’s not as if I can’t write a handful of entries while I’m traveling, even if I would like to be free of obligations.

We come to the reason for my sloth in writing this week, and that’s the return of my video card, which is finally letting me play the games I bought during Steam’s Independence Day sale. At the moment I’m working my way through Tropico 3 and Dawn of War II, and fiddling around with the Last Stand mode in the latter. I’ve always been a fan of survival game modes, and so it has a particular appeal to me.

I’ll probably spend the day ping-ponging between those and writing; I’ve got about 2000 words to come up with today to get back on track, which probably won’t happen (although I do know exactly what’s going to happen in each of the entries I need to write, so maybe it’ll go fast). For now I’m going to offski, though, and let Ubuntu’s update manager do its thing. See you on Tuesday.

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