Commentary, The Long Retreat No. 35

My sister is getting married this weekend, so you can expect limited presence from me in most places. (Not that I’m especially active in most of the ways you might choose to follow me, but whatever.)

Let’s cover some news. First off, there will be a new episode of Crossbox (that is, the spoken word Fish Bowl) later this week, or early next week. We cover such varied and diverse topics as firearms for a particular kind of big game, a rant about a very different kind of big game, and an interesting (if I do say so myself) challenge in military hardware design.

Second, the first Many Words Monthly email newsletter debuted two weekends ago, and went to precisely one email inbox, which was mine. Sign up for a monthly dose of exclusive words. (Although, since I hate to waste writing, the fictional words which I wrote are now exclusive to the forum thread at Spacebattles. It’s one of the largest original web fiction communities around these days. You ought to drop in and say something in the forum thread. Or just go and read the exclusive words. That’s cool too.)

Finally, the first Top Web Fiction vote drive was extraordinarily successful, pushing me up to second place in the science fiction rankings and near the top ten on the overall rankings. I’m going to ask for your help again. Here’s the link. Click it. Share it. Let’s get some eyes here again.

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