Wednesday update

Good afternoon, folks! I have a few things to note.

First: there’s now a Many Words monthly newsletter! Use the link in the sidebar to the right to sign up. You can expect a dollop of news, a dollop of my thinking on past or upcoming stories, and a few hundred words of newsletter-exclusive flash fiction.

Second: there’s now a Many Words store. It does not yet have any books (which will likely come from another vendor), but it does have fun things like mugs, t-shirts, and mousepads. (The Many Words mug is particularly classy. I have a sample I had made elsewhere, but you can expect just about the same thing.)

Third: your readership is valuable to me, but I’d like for more people to read this. Please, if you’re on this page and you like what I’ve done (or what parvusimperator has done), whether it be wargame AARs, fiction, blog posts, or the podcast, hit the Vote link in the sidebar at the right to bump me up the listings. It’s super-easy to move up the rankings; there aren’t a lot of web fiction sites out there. I’ve been ranked on the science fiction and fantasy pages for maybe four days, and it’s already one of my top referral sources for the month, so it’s really the simplest thing you can do to help me out. Please do.

Fourth: expect a new Crossbox podcast in the first week or two of August.

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