Breaking Fortress Holland No. 2

Mill: Day 1, 0500-1200

0500, Day 1

We’re off to the races. I and II Battalions of the 481st Infanterie Regiment attack across the two crossings at Gennep. III/481 pushes south from its starting positions on the train tracks west of Mill, while I Battalion of the 454th Infanterie Regiment attacks opposite St. Agatha.


Companies have pushed across to establish bridgeheads at the Gennep and St. Agatha crossings.


Our infantry pushes the defenders at Gennep away from their prepared positions.


III/481 captures the Peel-Raam 2 road bridge, but its support and command elements have come under heavy artillery bombardment, and are having a hard time organizing their march down to the objective.


Engineers begin to construct a bridge at Cuijk.


II/456 arrives as reinforcement. Since the attacks at Gennep have the defenders more than well in hand, I send it straight through the lines to Haps.


II/481 secures the bridgehead west of the Maas at Gennep, while III/481 sets up defenses at the Mill bridge. I/481 is on its way across the Gennep bridge. Since II/481 will be more than sufficient security for the bridgehead, I order I/481 to Haps as well.


I/454 secures the bridgehead at St. Agatha, and currently has orders to attack Cuijk. If Cuijk proves to be unoccupied, I’ll split it into its component units and use them to provide security behind the front lines.

Since there will be at least two battalions at Haps, I order the 481st Infanterie Regiment’s headquarters up to Haps, too. It may make sense to use it to organize an attack with the forces at Haps.

I/481 is across the Maas and marching to Haps.

III/456 arrives as a reinforcement, and is also ordered to march to Haps. We’ll have a full three battalions there, plus the headquarters of the 481st, once everything en route arrives.


III/481 continues to take a beating from artillery, and will eventually need to be relieved.


It’s been quiet since 0940. The Cuijk force is finally lining up to attack. At Mill, III/481 has finally managed to get all its force to the bridge, where it has established a defensive perimeter. The crowd of units crossing at Gennep has turned into a traffic jam—the 481st Infanterie Regiment’s HQ has gotten stuck, and is now re-planning its movement.

The bridge at Cuijk is finished. I send two of the combat engineer companies forward to Haps, where they’ll join the assault force. The remaining combat engineer company and the bridging platoon sit back for now. They’ll help build another bridge as soon as the next bridging unit arrives at noon.

The 476th Infanterie Regiment HQ and its I Battalion arrive as reinforcements, and are sent to Haps; we’ll have four battalions and two regimental headquarters there when they arrive.


More reinforcements arrive. The battalion from the 454th can cross at Cuijk, while the bridging unit and the pioneers will head down to Gennep to build another bridge.

Spoiler for Current situation maps

What happens next? Voting will be open through Thursday, probably.

Guderian – Momentum is the most important consideration! Immediately strike Mill with the three battalions at the staging area at Haps, sending the 476th Infanterie Regiment’s battalion to join the attack as soon as possible.

von Rundstedt – It is folly to throw one’s entire force at the enemy’s positions head-on! Attack Mill with two of the three battalions at the staging area, sending the other south to assist III/481. The 476th Infanterie will spearhead the flanking maneuver from the south.

Paulus – We have men in tenuous supply holding open a breach in the enemy’s line! Use one battalion from the staging area to probe Mill while sending two south to relieve III/481. The 476th Infanterie will join the other battalion at Mill to make an attack once it has arrived.

Voting has now closed.

Paulus – 3
von Rundstedt – 4
Guderian – 1

In the absence of any other votes, I called upon my designated tiebreaker, parvusimperator, who’s only voting in case of ties.

He chose von Rundstedt because, in his opinion, one battalion is sufficient to relieve III/481. I’ll play through the next eight hours tonight. The update might go up tonight, or it might go up tomorrow.

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