Commentary, The Long Retreat No. 1

Today (as I’m writing this notation; yesterday as it’ll run) is (was) my birthday, and in celebration, I got you new story content.

The Long Retreat is, of course, a return to the setting for the very first content I ever posted at Many Words, and to date, for the about 90% of the content I’ve had published. (At around this time last year, actually. I’ll run it around Halloween.) For this story, I’ve pushed the Norse influence angle, and I think it makes for a more cohesive-feeling world. Before, you had Viking names for things in a traditional high-fantasy sort of world. Now, it feels a little more grounded to me. We’ll see what you think in the coming months.

At the Fish Bowl, more procurement posts are in the pipeline, and I hope to keep those updating once or twice a week, so if you’ve enjoyed our foray into defense affairs blogging, good news for you.

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