Commentary, Three Arrivals No. 7

Conjuring is two things: first, the magic of stuff and its manipulation. Eventually you’ll see some examples of that half. Second, enchanting. I’d say more, but I can’t right now. I’d say more about why I can’t right now, but there isn’t really a way to put it that doesn’t, in at least some small way, make a future entry redundant.

I’ve probably already said too much. As a distraction, special bonus feature: fun with my spell checker!

Misspelled word: ‘Magnusdottir’
Suggestion: ‘Magnuson’

I think she might object.

Misspelled word: ‘Magehunters’
Suggestion: ‘Manslaughters’

Not too far off the mark, actually.

As an extra special bonus feature, as I proofread this the day before it goes live, I am discovering just how terrible I am at typing from pre-existing text. Fixed two things I’d left out just now.

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