Commentary, Three Arrivals No. 8

We’re now halfway through Three Arrivals, and on such a cliche-sounding title, too.

There’s no particular societal prohibition on which clothes women can wear in Lägraltvärld, trousers[1] being a practical garment for all sorts of manual labor, something which humanity has quite a history with. On the other hand, places within the city’s magical institutions are, by and large, the only positions of real power to which women rise with any regularity at all.

Pants, but no power. Not a favorable tradeoff.

Since I caught a couple of errors in #7 I went ahead and proofread this one at the same time, and of course I don’t find any mistakes here[2]. Notice that describing ‘a few inches over six feet’ as average is not a mistake in the least.

[1] In the sense of generic legged garments. I’m not sure why I chose to use it instead of pants (which is the one I actually use), but it’s that way in a number of sources dating to the very beginning of this particular setting, and so that’s how it’ll stay.
[2] Which isn’t to say there aren’t any.

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