Commentary, Secret of the Dutchman’s Cross No. 38

Iseabail’s line was originally1 supposed to be, “Nobody died and made you king,” but that variant of that phrase isn’t attested in print until some time around the 1980s, according to the one really vague source I could find. The one with ‘boss’ sounds less good in my fake Scottish accent, but I’m willing to make some sacrifices for the appearance of historical accuracy2.

1. Okay, originally it didn’t have anything to do with someone dying and making someone else something, fine. I edit when I type from my notebook.
2. Except for zeppelins, the geopolitical situation, the state of aeronautical engineering, economics, and a bunch of others I can’t call to mind right now. But they talk more or less right3.
3. Well, they use appropriate slang4.
4. Sometimes. Man, the part of me which does these footnotes is really vicious tonight.

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