Friday update

Amidst an upcoming weekend full of car-washing, possibly-DMV-visiting sarcastic excitement (and, let’s face it, probably a lot of gaming), I do have three things to flap my gums about.

One, my girlfriend and a close college friend of hers have started a blog in which they’ll talk insightfully about the media about which they obsess and inevitably become more internet-famous than me. It goes something like this:

Or, perhaps more truthfully, this is what happens when fangirls with half-a-million-dollar educations decide to justify the staggering amount of television they watch.

Given that they wrote it, this is not an unfair sentence, but either way, I’m looking forward to seeing what they turn out. Exciting.

Two, I’ve nearly finished a second editing pass on We Sail Off To War. I’d like to have it ebookified and publicated before the end of the year. Considering my goal at the beginning of the year was ‘before summer’, this represents significant schedule slip, but I’ve always been a little lazy.

Three, I started watching Futurama not long ago, and I’ll probably explain why I like it one of these weekends (although I can’t imagine there are many people reading serial fiction on the Internet who don’t already have a feeling one way or the other on Futurama).

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