Obligatory weekend remarks

The advertising offensive (which this week involved nothing more than posting on the Dwarf Fortress forums) has not been particularly effective if the hit-counter thing is telling me the truth. Oh well. I’ll find other communities to pester later.

I’ve got site navigation as good as it’s going to get; note the new archives page. Of course, all the niggling little things I’d like to do differently are weighing on my mind, and sometime down the road I might have to write something that can do it better.

Last night I finished the last entry in Three Arrivals. I’m moving on to the next couple of chapters now. The first one is coming along well, but that’s largely because it’s focusing on the character I think I like the most so far. Even though I’m going to try to write them straight through to maximize locality of thought, I think I’m going to switch between them week by week when I post ’em. Given the number of people who visit this place, much less read anything, I’m pretty sure it’s futile to ask, but what do you think?

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