Nathaniel Cannon and the Secret of the Dutchman’s Cross No. 16

“If the British find us,” said Emma, “do we get to have a fight?”

“Joe?” said Cannon.

“We covered that in the boring part,” Joe said, turning in his chair to face Emma. “Boss says we keep out of the way if we can.”

“That’s right,” Cannon said, waving at the chart. “If Inconstant gets pushed too far off, we’ll make our way back to Alexandria, where we’ll lay low, steal a plane, or get out some other way.”

“And you’re sure you won’t need me on the ground?” Emma said.

“The plan is to be in and out before anyone notices. If I need a sharpshooter or a brawler, things have gone south in a big way. I’m not sticking around long enough for that to happen.”

“So I’m stuck here where the only things to do are scout flights and running away?”

“That’s the size of it,” replied Cannon, grinning crookedly. “Alright. Anything else? No? Good. We’ll be out over the Red Sea tonight, and in place to launch the Albatross before dawn tomorrow. Make sure the rank and file are ready for a day or two at their posts.” He gathered his notes from the lectern. “If you think of anything, bring it to Joe or me. That’s all.”

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