Commentary, Secret of the Dutchman’s Cross No. 15

It shouldn’t be too surprising that camels will factor into the story, given that it’s a desert and it’s me.

At the end of this week, I’m going on vacation for two weeks, but I’m far enough ahead on writing that I can type a bunch up this week and not have to worry about having my laptop along on the trip. Since I’m going to a beach for one of those two weeks, however, I expect there will be some writing time.

As near-future projects go, I’m hoping to whip up some quick synopses and setting-specific landing pages so I can get them listed on Muses’ Success, another list-o-online-writing. This weekend, I was going to write a grumpy rant about how some people insist on referring to their characters as independent entities, but a brush with a cold means I’m going to have to save that one for later.

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