Father’s Day weekend update

I am not a father, but I wish a very good day upon any fathers out there, especially my own. Supposing there are any fathers in my very short list-o-readers, I also apologize for the news that updates are coming back on Friday, rather than Tuesday; it turned out that I had quite a lot to do this weekend, and of course I didn’t have any time during the week, as I mentioned in my last update.

With a week of twelve-hour days behind me1, though, I can get back into my more usual cycle of writing and typing, and then back to a more regular update schedule. Speaking of which, the annotation at the ironically-named Irregular Webcomic today seems to be pretty on-topic.

I saw Star Trek: Into Darkness with my dad and the rest of my family this weekend, and I figured that, as a science fiction sort of guy, I was qualified to make this quibble (no spoilers, I don’t think): the interior design of the new Enterprise is entirely unlike anything anyone would ever build as part of a starship. I came to this conclusion during the scene where (okay, maybe a tiny, non-plot spoiler here) where Kirk and Scotty were running down a stairway past a bunch of tanks of something with a radioactive symbol on them. The ceiling was out of frame, and our heroes then proceeded onto a catwalk high above a mass of pipes or conduits or something. The amount of wasted space was staggering, and I can conceive of no circumstance in which a starship engineer would choose to build like that. It wasn’t even plausibly implausible (along with a few other scenes, but I won’t go into that here), and although it was good spectacle, and there were some individual performances I thought were nice, I don’t think it was, on the whole, a particularly good movie. Man of Steel might be happening later this week—here’s hoping that’s better. I also put in a few hours of Rise of Flight time with my usual flight sim crew, and some video of that may be forthcoming (we’ll see).

That’s about that. I’ll see you for an update on Friday.

1. I don’t think I’m allowed to say exactly what the project is just yet, given that I can’t find any news releases about it, but I’m very happy with how my chunk of it, and indeed the rest of it, too, turned out.

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