Know Your Pirate Zeppelins No. 1 – Arys


Manufacturer: Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH, Friedrichshafen
Type:Peter Strasser-class Kampflinienluftschiff (‘Airship of the Line’)
Engines: Eight Maybach M589 V16 Diesel Engines, 890 kW (1,200 hp) each
-four low starboard gondolas, staggered
-four low port gondolas, staggered

Bow Chaser: Type XII-B twelve-tube 15cm rocket battery firing R32T Aerial rockets
Main Battery: Eighteen Krupp 7.7cm FK/Z 96 n.A. flak guns per side in three gundecks
Dorsal Turrets: Four twin Mauser MG-28 17.97mm (~.70 cal) MGs
Ventral Turrets Four twin Mauser MG-28 17.97mm (~.70 cal) MGs
Gondola Turrets: Eight twin Mauser MG-28 17.97mm (~.70 cal) MGs
Stern Chaser: One Krupp 7.7 cm FK/Z 96 n.A. flak gun, turret mounted

Aircraft Compliment:
-7 Messerschmitt Bf-79 Interceptors
-1 Kawanishi Z6K Interceptor (see: Aki Nagumo, Kempetai file UR-99155; KAS file J-59519-FF)
-8 Albatros Al-99 Fighters
-8 Focke-Wulf Fw-103 Heavy Fighters

Design Notes:
Originally built as an Airship of the Line for the Kriegsmarine in 1924, the Arys is designed to engage enemy zeppelins in close combat. Her heavy gun armament makes torpedo attacks difficult and allows for reduced patrols. Large bow planes increase vertical manuverability; however these are uncommon on Strasser-class zeppelins so they may be part of a modification program. The Arys suffers from a limited ability to launch long range strikes or to quickly seize cargo from another zeppelin. Escorts should NOT engage the Arys within gun range.
The Arys still bears the tail colors of the Kaiserliche Marine, as well as Grafiene von Schmeisser’s crest. Arys can also be identified by her triple gun decks and armored gondola, rare sights outside of German-controlled territory.

Crew Notes:
Arys is owned by the Grafiene Katarina von Schmeisser, and commanded by Harlan Calhoun. Despite the best attempts of the Geheime Staatspolizei, Grafiene von Schmeisser maintains a significant pool of assets. Bribery attempts have been unsuccessful, and are no longer reccomended.
It is believed that Calhoun and the Grafiene are lovers. Both are wanted by police and security forces of the Third Reich for high treason, grand theft zeppelin, and the killing of several members of the Sturmabteilung.
Other known crew members are Dr. Aki Nagumo, wanted by the Kempetai for high treason; Petar Jovovic, wanted for murder in Belgrade; and Vasily Chernov, wanted in connection with a plot to assassinate Vladimir Lenin.

None known. The Peter Strasser-class zeppelins are very hard to dock without external assistance.

The KNOW YOUR PIRATE ZEPPELIN series is brought to you by KEY Aviation Security.

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