Commentary, A Jump To Conclusions No. 25

I thought it was fitting to put a weekend where Amber left a silence for an uncomfortably long time.

This conclusion marks my third story done in, if we’re counting from when I returned to semi-regular updates at the end of last spring, about ten months. That’s not bad for a part-timer, although I admit I’m a lot less prolific than a lot of other part-timers. Either way, I’m glad to be on a run that’s pretty darned good for me, and even though none of my logging tools say there’s a very big audience out there, I do still hope the few of you there are find it interesting enough to keep coming back. Tell your friends!

As a quick reminder of what’s to come over the next week or two, a vignette by my collaborator on the skypirates universe will run on the front page of Many Words for two or three updates (I’m writing this from the relatively-distant past, and I haven’t decided which way to split it), a preview for the launch of his very own Many Words subdomain. I’ll let him talk about that in his own annotations, though.

Also coming is a Many Words subdomain I’m planning on using as a personal blog, while standard will only host writing and writing-related news, so you can filter out specific sorts of my blather more easily.

That’s all for now.

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